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Professional Detailing Services in The North West

Our mission is to provide the residents of The North West with a no hassle Car Detailing service where all work exceeds expectations, meets deadlines & offer excellent value.

Protection Detail

1 Day +

This is the package designed for new cars and those cars where the customer is happy with the condition of the paint and just wants to add long lasting protection. This last stage protection will be discussed with the customer prior to booking and is offered in the form of a wax, sealant it an IGL Coatings accredited ceramic from 1-4 years.

This consists of:

• Pre-wash with snow foam and citrus pre cleaner to loosen and remove surface dirt and grime

• Allow wheels washed, decontaminated and cleansed

• Chemical decontamination including fall out remover and tar remover where required

• Mechanical decontamination using a clay bar to remove embedded dirt

• Air and towel dry to remove trapped water prior to coating preparation

• Pre-wax paint cleanser applied via dual action polisher

• Paint protection applied as agreed by customer

• Glass cleaned

• Tyres dressed

From £250

Enhancement Detail

2 Days +

A Enhancement Detail or Single Stage Correction is one of our most popular services here at Phoenix Detailing. This detail will remove very minor imperfections and surface swirls and restore the paints lustre.

The process for a Protection Detail is adhered to, however once the vehicle has been clayed, paint depth readings are taken before a light polishing compound is applied by a machine to remove minor imperfections, and add the depth and lustre to the paint.

Wax, sealant or coating system as agreed with the customer is then applied depending on your requirements.

From £500

Correction Detail

3 Days +

As per an enhancement detail however varying polishing compounds and wet sanding techniques (where required/requested) are used, depending on customer requirements and severity of paint defects to enable us to achieve an 80-90%+ paint correction on almost any vehicle.

A wax, sealant or coating system as agreed with the customer is the applied to lock in the paint finish.

From £750

IGL Accredited Coatings

IGL accredited coatings available to all of our detailing customers, please see below for costs:


• IGL POLY 1 year coating, £125

• IGL QUARTZ 2 year coating, £175

• IGL QUARTZ+ 4 year coating, £275


• IGL Trim £50

• IGL Wheel £160

• IGL Window £35


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