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Mobile Deep Clean & Maintenance in The North West

Our mission is to provide the residents of The North West with a no hassle Car Detailing service where all work exceeds expectations, meets deadlines & offer excellent value.

The Phoenix Deep Clean

4-6 Hours from £110*

This is our only mobile valeting package on offer. We as a company do not feel we can walk away from a car that is anything less than perfect and as such all new customers are treated to our deep clean package which consists of:

Exterior Deep Clean

• Full deep clean of alloy wheels, arches and exhausts leaving the cleaned, decontaminated and protected

• Pre-wash and snowfoam to lift and remove embedded dirt and grime from the paintwork prior to any contact with the car

• Gaps, crevices and door shuts cleaned with APC and a soft feather tip brush

• Full 2 bucket, 2 mitt safe wash for the safest, scratch free clean

• Chemical decontamination to remove embedded fall out and tar from your cars paintwork

• Second snowfoam to remove residues from chemical decontamination

• Towel and air dried

• High quality 6 month sealant applied to paintwork (IGL Premier)

• Tyres dressed for a factory fresh finish

Interior Deep Clean

• Full vacuum extraction of the interior to remove dust and debris

• Air compressor used to blow out under seats and crevices to remove dirt and crumbs unreachable with a vacuum

• Full steam clean of all interior surfaces, hard and soft

• Leather/fabric seats cleaned

• Floor mats cleaned, steamed and extracted

• Headlining steam cleaned

• Interior treated with enzyme based cleaner to kill any bacteria in soft surfaces

• Boot and spare wheel well cleaned

• Interior anti-static dressing applied to protect from uv rays and repel dust and dirt

• All interior windows cleaned

• Air freshener applied

* This time frame is for cars which are averagely dirty. Overly or extremely dirty cars or pet hair removal jobs will incur extra charges at £25 per hour. Please make us aware at time of booking

The Phoenix Maintenance Scheme

This is a monthly maintenance scheme designed to enable us to keep looking after your cars at a reduced rate. Customers who have received a deep clean or any detailing package with added interior deep clean is eligible for this scheme.

2 hours from £45 per month

Are you happy with the condition of your paintwork and want to add the best protection possible? IGL accredited ceramic costings available from an additional £125 on our deep clean packages.

The Full Day Detail

The pièce de résistance of mobile detailing packages. This package provides something for everyone and something for every part of your car.

We begin with our usual deep clean package but with an added engine bay detail, a gloss enhancing machine polish and finished with ceramic protection lasting up to 12 months. Alloy wheels are protected, tyres dressed and windows polished and cleaned to a streak free finish.

This is not a correction detail, this is a detail that allows us to achieve the best results and unquestionable gloss enhancement within a day’s work leaving your car so that it won’t fail to impress.

Here’s a break down of what we do:

• Alloy wheels pre-washed and deep cleaned

• Engine bay deep cleaned and dressed

• Exterior pre-wash and snowfoam

• Full 2 bucket safe wash

• Chemical decontamination to remove tar and embedded contaminants

• Clay bar

• Light glazing machine polish

• Up to 12 month ceramic protection

• Glass cleaned and polished

This is a mobile package, however if you desire to upgrade to one of our IGL accredited full ceramic coatings lasting from 1year/12000 miles to 4years/48000 miles, this can be added on for an additional fee and completed at our studio.


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